Complete Messdreieck 34


A very nice and complete Messdreieck 34 in good working condition. The Messdreieck 34 is used to optimize indirect fire with the MG34 and MG42 on a Lafette. The pouch is nicely dated 1940. Handpainted on the bottom of the pouch is a Feldpost number 15415 indicating the following units:
(28.4.1940-14.9.1940) Stab II u. 5.-8. Kompanie 
Festungs-Infanterie-Regiment D
(15.9.1940-31.1.1941) Stab II u. 5.-8. Kompanie 
Infanterie-Regiment 117
(15.9.1940-31.1.1941) gestrichen
(12.7.1941-26.1.1942) 3. Batterie Entgiftungs-Abteilung 103
(27.1.1942-14.7.1942) 9. Batterie schwere Werfer-Regiment 1.

A very rare complete set in very good working condition, belonging to the heavy MG34 or MG42 display.

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