A rare 1945 dated ‘ark’ ff33 field phone

A very interesting 1945 dated ff33 field phone executed in blaugrau paint. It is made by prx which stands for Heliowatt  Heliowatt ElektrizitätsAG, Werk Schweidnitz/Schlesien. It is also marked “ark” indicating for Arktisch or Arctic climates.  The overall design of the field phone is a late war variant, blue paint and bakelite connection points for outgoing lines. Pré 1944 these where still made of metal.

On the side of the field phone a original hand painted message can be seen;

Telegrammstil !
Nur 3 Minuten sprechen

The field phone appears to be in good shape and is complete with all the necessary parts to use it including the battery box which is mostly broken or missing. I have not opened or tested the field phone. 

A truly rare late war field phone in used but good condition!

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