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  • US world war two period 48 star flag


    Large period American 48 star flag size 3×5 feet. These flags are often found in mint condition but this is a nice example that shows some age.

  • Waffen-SS Oak C (!) camouflage zeltbahn


    Minty late war Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in Eichenlaubmuster or Oak A,B ánd mostly C camouflage. The camouflage on this zeltbahn is said to be Oak C, which is slightly different to B. Oak C is mostly unknown but gets accredited in Waffen-SS Camouflage Uniforms [1]. The Zeltbahn is in very good condition and has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The construction of the zeltbahn shows signs of late war simplification such as simplified button holes and less grommets. The camouflage material used is all in very good, bright and vibrant condition. This is one of the rarest Waffen-SS Zeltbahns in  Oak “C” Camouflage!

    1. Silvestri, L. (2016) Waffen-SS Camouflage Uniforms Volume 2. Schiffer Publishing

  • Named late war Waffen-SS Wachmantel


    A late war hooded Waffen-SS Wachmantel in good used condition. Nicely marked 2392/43 and named to Bechler. A lot of these mantels can be seen in pictures of the Ardennes offensive worn by members of Kampfgruppe Hansen and in and around La Gleize. These mantels where specifically made for the Waffen-SS and lack the french cuffs the Heer types have. The mantel shows a lot of wear and age and would make a great addition to a late war Waffen-SS combat mannequin!

  • Tan 6×30 Dienstglas marked CAG


    A nice tan painted 6×30 Dienstglas or army issue binoculars. These where issued to all branches in the Wehrmacht. The binoculars retain their original tan paint up to 75% and can easily be graded near mint. The binoculars are marked CAG indicating production by Swarovski. Extremely hard to find a pair with this amount of paint. The leather strap and lens cover are original to the binoculars and have the textbook tan painted studs.

  • M44 Heer EM field blouse


    Very nice original Heer M44 field blouse in very good condition. The garment retains its full machine sewn insignia, two sets of awards loops and a ribbon for the iron cross and the eastern front medal. Nice display garment in a medium size that would be hard to upgrade!

  • M42 pattern greatcoat


    Very nice lightly worn M42 Heer pattern greatcoat. As far as I can see no damage or repairs. The garment retains all the wartime sewn buttons and Gefreiter sleeve insignia. The Mantel is named to Mader. The Mantel is a nice large mannequin size! Typical garment for the Ardennes offensive!

  • Heer M45 pattern EM Infantry shoulderstraps in Italian wool


    Rare late war M45 pattern simplified Heer EM Infanterie shoulderstraps. These late war simplified pattern straps finished in Italian wool and bordered with white rayon piping. Beautiful pair for a M43 or M44 garment in Italian wool.

  • US M3 binoculars with M17 case Westinghouse 1943


    Very nice original US M3 Westinghouse 1943 binoculars with its original M17 case. The binoculars are in good, usable condition.

  • Heer Oberleutnant blouse made in Breda, the Netherlands


    Stunning field blouse for a Oberleutnant der Infanterie named Wagner. The garment is a beautiful example fully made out of Dutch Kamgaren. The garment retains its fully wartime sewn insignia and received a period promotion to Oberleutnant at some point using two different rank pips. Inside the breast pocket is a small label indicating the producer Louis Simons from Breda, the Netherlands who kept producing post war. The garment is a good medium size for most modern mannequins. The left breast pocket is adorned with a set of award loops and one for a ribbon bar. Beautiful example!

  • Six cell MP38 ammunition pouch carrying strap


    Beautiful mint and unissued condition carrying strap for the six cell MP38 ammunition pouch. The strap is made prior to 1940 and thereby intended specifically for the MP38. The strap is nicely marked with some ink stamps but these are sadly fainted and unreadable. Extremely hard to find and rare carrying strap in perfect condition!

  • Infantry assault badge in silver by Deumer


    Nice original Infantry assault badge in silver or Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber. Typical solid zinc example with textbook crimped setup by Deumer. 

  • Rare tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle SRM Metallwarenfabrik Schmiedeberg/ Rsgb 1936


    Textbook tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle maker marked SRM Metallwarenfabrik Schmiedeberg/ Rsgb 1936 – surely one of the rarest buckle manufacturers out there!

  • Tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle in stone mint condition Dransfeld & Co 1936


    Superb 1936 dated stone mint tabbed Heer belt buckle by Dransfeld & Co 1936. Impossible to upgrade with 100% of its original factory finish.

  • Tabbed steel Heer belt buckle


    Mint tabbed steel Heer belt buckle in unissued condition. Tab is marked but hard to read. Nice light colored leather and up to 99% of its factory paint. Superb example in unissued condition.

  • K98 pouch marked RB-Nr. 0/0462/0010


    Nice original riveted example marked RB-Nr. 0/0462/0010 in very good condition with all internal partitions intact.

  • Rare flatback tabbed aluminum belt buckle Sieper & Söhne


    Rare tabbed pre war aluminum Heer belt buckle with its design indicating production by Sieper & Söhne, Lüdenscheid. The buckle is a rare variant with the flat back which is extremely hard to find. The buckle still retains its originally sewn tab and retains up to 80% of its wartime applied factory paint. Choice piece that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • K98 ammunition pouch Carl Hepting & Co Feuerbach 1942


    Nice K98 ammunition pouch marked Carl Hepting & Co Feuerbach 1942. The pouch is in very good used condition with all internal dividers.

  • K98 ammunition pouch KVZ 1942


    Superb riveted K98 ammunition pouch marked KVZ 1942. The pouch is in very good near mint condition with all internal dividers and made out of pigskin leather.

  • Daimon Ambulancia Telko torch


    Nice original Daimon Ambulancia Telko torch in good used condition.

  • Close combat clasp in silver marked RS


    Textbook original close combat clasp marked RS indicating production by Rudolf Souval. in as found condition. Nice original badge with loads of character. Typical soldered hinge and catch, salty but original piece!

  • Large Kriegsmarine NCO portrait


    Nice large original postcard sized portrait 15×11,5 cm of a Kriegsmarine NCO awarded with the Eisernez Kreuz II und I klasse, Minensucherabzeichen and Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. 

  • Brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holster bnz 1943


    A very nice brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holsterThe holster is in good lightly used condition. Inside its nicely named and marked bnz P35(p) 1943.

  • Infantry assault badge Gustav Brehmer egghead variant


    Nice original Infantry assault badge in silver or Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber by Gustav Brehmer. This is the so called egghead variant!

  • Infantry assault badge in silver by Deumer


    Nice original Infantry assault badge in silver or Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber. Typical solid zinc example with textbook crimped setup by Deumer. 

  • Infantry assault badge in silver marked GWL


    Unissued infantry assault badge or Infanterie Sturmabzeichen marked GWL indicating production by Gebrüder Wegerhoff. 

  • Infantry assault badge in silver hollow by Deumer


    Nice original Infantry assault badge in silver or Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber. Typical hollow example by Deumer. 

  • Set of blue rifle grenade pouches


    A nice late war set of original rifle grenade pouches in very good, unissued and undamaged condition. These pouches where issued to carry the heavy rifle grenades and the special rifle grenade blanks to shoot these. These bags are finished in blue canvas with riveted canvas parts. The inside of these pouches feature small sections in which the rifle grenade cartridges where kept. The pouches are marked underneath the flap but it is hard to tell what the stamp says exactly. I have attached a picture of soldiers of SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 25, with the SS-Schütze Ernst Molter, armed with Kar98K Schießbecher and the same pouches around his neck.

    Hard to upgrade original pouches in nice blue/gray canvas as issued to members of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS!

  • MG34 / MG42 issue tool case marked sxb 1945


    Nice original late war MG34 and MG42 tool case or Werkzeugkasten. The case is nicely marked sxb 1945. These boxes where issued within every unit for the maintenance on the machineguns. The case still retains up to 80% of its original finish and some pitting on the top. Very nice 1945 dated ammunition cases for the MG42!

  • Rare hidden stitch Y-strap in unblackened leather


    Top quality first pattern Y-straps in unblackened leather. Very hard to find early hidden stitch Y-straps in unblackened leather that are very hard to find!

  • Named late war medical rucksack Bollmann Tuttlingen 1943


    Rare late war Sanitäter rucksack marked Bollmann Tuttlingen 1943. Nicely named H Josinski on the D-ring base. The rucksack is complete with the period factory sewn Red Cross insignia. Extremely scarce piece in very good, lightly worn condition!

  • Tan camouflaged Truppenfahrrad ammunition box marked bzk 40


    Stunning steel ammunition case for the Truppenfahrrad in a beautiful war time tan camouflage paint. The tan colored camouflage is painted on top of the black factory paint. This example is nicely marked bzk 40 indicating production by Wagner & Keller, Metallwaren, Ludwigsburg (Wuerttemberg) in 1940. The case is missing the internal riveted strap and the top brackets to mount the case to the bicycle frame. This metal case could hold up to 3 hand grenades or a box of 300 linked 7,92mm rounds for the MG34 and MG42. Very hard to find an original camouflaged Truppenfahrrad ammunition case in untouched and camouflaged condition!


  • KIT, FIRST AID AERONAUTIC U.S. with partial contents


    Nice original third pattern US first aid kit that was installed in all combat, cargo, transport, training planes, and gliders at the factory as well as in the E-8, E-11 and E-12 Emergency Sustenance Kits. The kit comes with the partial contents but -as always- is missing the morphine syrettes. These kits can also be seen worn on the belts of glider- and paratroopers.

  • Perfect untouched M36 Heer EM field blouse


    A stunning and exceptional Heer M36 EM Feldbluse in mint/unissued condition. The tunic is not shortened or restored in any way. The green Einheitslitzen are period factory sewn to the collar. The breast eagle is period factory sewn on the top, flipped and finished. The tunic comes with a set of wool piped M36 type EM infantry shoulder straps in mint condition that have been with the tunic. The garment does not show any signs of having other insignia applied prior to it or any modifications. This is really a stunning textbook EM M36 tunic in mint condition, surely the best one I’ve ever had to offer!

  • Large pre war black political messkit marked RZM FA.1/34 JSD 34


    Very nice pre war tall black messkit marked RZM FA.1/34 JSD 34 indicating production by J.Schmalzeder Erben, Dresden. The messkit is in very good unissued condition. This tall, pre war model was most probably made and used by a political organization. The prewar political models for the HitlerjugendAllgemeine-SS and SA where finished in a black paint. Sometimes these where used by members of the Waffen-SS as well, as some wartime images of the 12 SS Panzerdivision show.

  • Pre war M31 canteen in unissued condition marked SMM36


    A very nice pre war canteen in unissued condition. All the parts are marked SMM36 indicating production by Süddeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Mussbach. Very hard to find pre 1937 equipment; let alone in this condition!

  • CKL66 no decal M42 US souvenir helmet


    Typical CKL66 no decal M42 helmet. This helmet was a souvenir for a soldier serving in the European Theater of Operations or ETO. The helmet retains its factory installed liner which was soaked in leather at some point indicating a possible KIA. The soldier painted a tan swastika to the front of the helmet as was done to many souvenir helmets. A typical original souvenir helmet in very good condition.

  • Second pattern folding E-tool with carrier in good used condition


    A very nice second pattern shovel carrier with folding E-toolA nice set in good condition!

  • Complete short handled wire cutters with large leather case


    Very nice pre war short handled wire cutter case with short handled wirecutters. The case is in very good, unissued condition. The leather cases are rare to find, especially in very good, unissued condition. The bottom of the case is marked 4.Kp indicating use by 4. Kompanie.

  • German army Sanitäter medical recognition vest


    Super rare German army medical or Sanitäter red cross recognition vest in worn condition. These vest where issued and worn by Sanitäter and Krankenträger to be easily recognized in battle. The vest is in good unworn condition and nicely marked Wk. V. Ulm. A centerpiece to any Sanitäter mannequin!

  • ET68 M40 Heer ex winter camouflage helmet


    Original M40 helmet with multiple wartime overpaints marked ET68 indicating production by Eisenhuttenwerke Thale. The helmet is a nice example in as found condition. The helmet is a honest example of a original ex winter camouflage helmet.

  • Tan 6×30 Dienstglas marked CAG


    A nice tan painted 6×30 Dienstglas or army issue binoculars. These where issued to all branches in the Wehrmacht. The binoculars retain their original tan paint up to 90% and are in very good condition. The binoculars are marked CAG indicating production by Swarovski. The leather strap and lens cover are original to the binoculars and have the textbook remnants of tan paint on the studs.

  • Heer Pioneer officer collar tabs


    Original Pionier officer collar tabs in good uniform removed condition.

  • Waffen-SS Belt buckle marked O&C ges. gesch.


    Textbook original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked O&C ges. gesch. indicating production by Overhoff & Cie, Lüdenscheid. 

  • Modified shoulderboards for Artillerie Regiment 23


    Rare original Heer shoulderboards for a Oberleutnant in Artillerie Regiment 23. These shoulderboards are ex-sew in examples modified for wear on a field tunic. Rare examples in good condition!

  • Q62 M40 Luftwaffe single decal helmet


    Superb single decal Luftwaffe M40 helmet in very good condition marked Q62 indicating production by Quist. The helmet retains up to 95% of its original finish and decal. The decal is a typical Luftwaffe example with a faulty applied lightly toned decal that is often seen with these helmets. The helmet retains its factory placed liner and original chinstrap. Textbook Luftwaffe helmet in very good condition!

  • Q62 M40 single decal Kriegsmarine helmet


    Textbook Q62 M40 Kriegsmarine helmet in very good condition. The helmet is nicely maker marked Q62 indicating production by Quist. The helmet retains its original paint up to 99% and its decal up to 80%. The helmet retains its factory fitted liner which is named in the back. Textbook original Quist Kriegsmarine helmet in very good condition!

  • US M3 binoculars with M17 case Westinghouse 1943


    Very nice original US M3 Westinghouse 1943 binoculars with its original M17 case. The binoculars are in good, usable condition. The case loop is glued at the back, otherwise no damages.

  • Single transitional m36 shoulderstrap without piping


    Nice original early transitional shoulderstrap for a Heer Unteroffizier.

  • Battledamaged ET66 M35 double decal Heer helmet wit Gus Abel decals and 1931 dated liner


    A battle damaged double decal Heer M35 helmet in very good condition. Nicely marked ET66 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The factory fitted non-reinforced liner band is dated 1935 and comes with the 1931 dated Schuberth leather. The helmet still retains 99% of its original and rare Gus Abel decals and paint. The helmet retains unit markings reading 14.G.J.R.99 indicating 14. Kompanie Gebirgsjäger Regiment 99 which was a frontline unit mostly serving on the eastern front and started the war in Slovakia in 1939. The helmet has a period battle damage which most probably is a bullethole to the dome of the shell piercing the front of the shell. The helmet was most probably worn when it was hit as there are remnants of blood in the leather. The helmet only saw the light of day in Germany several years ago and has only been in a single collection eversince. The helmet is truly one of the most interesting early M35 helmets that I’ve seen out there and would be a crown in any helmet collection!

  • M35 ET64 Kriegsmarine helmet named H. Franke


    Stunning ex double decal Kriegsmarine M35 helmet in very good condition. The helmet is nicely marked ET64 indicating production by Eisenhuttenwerke Thale. The helmet retains its textbook ET Kriegsmarine decal up to 99%. The national shield was period removed which is typical for these early Kriegsmarine helmets; all tricolors were ordered to be removed around 1940. The helmet retains its factory fitted liner and original chinstrap and is named H. Franke in the back. Very nice and textbook KM helmet in great condition!

  • RG34 Hulschenkopfwischer marked 64


    Rare accessoire that is mostly missing from these cleaning kits. Authentic example marked 64 indicating production by Gustav Appel, Maschinenfabrik.

  • Excellent Luftschutz Gladiator helmet


    A nice original Luftschutz gladiator type helmet in very good condition. The helmet retains its original factory applied liner in size 56 and chinstrap. The original paint and decal still retains up to 95% – hard to upgrade!

  • Matching Heer M40 pattern shoulderstraps with period attached IR16 slides


    Very nice set of original and matching wool piped Heer M40 pattern shoulderstraps in good worn condition. The straps come with a set of period attached slipons for Infanterie Regiment 16.

  • Q64 Luftwaffe M35 reissue helmet


    Stunning and uncommon Luftwaffe reissue helmet. The helmet is marked Q64 indicating production by Quist. The helmet retains its original factory fitted non-reinforced liner and bdr 41 marked chinstrap in great condition. The helmet is a typical but rare Reissue example with a rough overpaint masking the pre war blue paint and decals. The rough reissue overpaint is topped off with a decal. Very hard to find a Luftwaffe reissue helmet, this is the first and best one I’ve seen!

  • FF33 field phone breast microphone


    Nice original breast microphone for the FF33 field phone. Complete with the neck strap and the extension cable.

  • US Goggle Variable Density


    Original cased US Goggles, Variable Density in unissued condition complete with its original case, spare lenses and cleaning cloth.

  • Single EM Waffen-SS Infanterie shoulderstrap


    Single but textbook EM Waffen-SS shoulderstrap for a Soldat der Infanterie. Textbook construction in good used condition. Hard to find spare!

  • Late war RG34 cleaning kit marked cmr 44


    Rare complete late war RG34 K98 cleaning kit marked cmr 44. Classic late war example in blue paint as it was issued with the typical contents for this maker. The case is marked cmr 44 indicating production by Hawig, Hauswirtschafts-Maschinen-GmbH which is a less common maker!

  • Complete M38 gasmask named Gehler with green rubber M38 mask with rare spiral lens frame


    Complete M38 gasmask complete with rare spiral lens frames. The canister is a nice example with 90% of its factory paint remaining and comes with the complete straps. The gasmask itself is a uncommon green rubber variant with spiral lens frames which is different to the shark teeth frame. Hard to find variant in great condition!

  • Complete communications M38 gasmask with case and straps named Hoye


    Superb near mint M38 communication gasmask with matching canister and straps. The canister retaining up to 90% of its factory paint and together with its mask named Hoye. The gasmask is in very good condition complete with all straps and its matching filter. Hard to upgrade piece!

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