M43 field cap – Dachau Panzer – Waffen-SS EM/NCO

Model: M43 Waffen-SS EM/NCO Panzer “Dachau” field cap
Markings: 58
Size: 58
Maker: It is unknown where this cap is made exactly.
Year: 1943-1945
Insignia: Waffen-SS embroided “Dachau” trapezoid material.
Wool: Black thin wool
Notes: This is the so called “Dachau” made variant. This late war, heavily simplified variant has a few distinct details such as no back seam and the cardboard visor. It was made in KZ Dachau in the latter stages of the war. When the Americans liberated Dachau they found a warehouse full of uniforms, caps and insignia. They where mostly looted and taken home as souvenirs. Many of these black Waffen-SS M43 Dachau Panzer caps where taken home by American soldiers and most of them are all in this very good, unissued condition!

Han Schmitt collection