Field division smock – Luftwaffe Felddivision – Splittertarn B

Type of uniform: Luftwaffe field division combat smock or Tarnjacke in Splittertarn B or Splinter B camouflage material.
Material: Splittertarn B or Splinter B camouflage reverse printed on Drillich or hbt material.
Colour: Splittertarn B or Splinter B camouflage material.
Year: –
Notes: A nice Luftwaffe field division combat smock in Splittertarn B camouflage pattern. The Splittertarn B pattern has been printed on the back of Drillich or hbt material. This is so called reverse printed HBT and is something very common to the Waffen-SS Erbsentarn field blouses marked Betr. Ra. 

S H Collection