M42 Camouflage smock – Waffen-SS – Oak “A”

Type of uniform: Waffen-SS M42 Tarnjacke or camouflage smock in Eichenlaubmuster A or Oak “A” camouflage.
Material: Reversible Eichenlaubmuster A or Oak “A” camouflage printed on so called Makostoff. 
Colour: Eichenlaubmuster A or Oak “A” camouflage, one side with brown tints and the other with greens. This was reversible to camouflage in all seasons.
Branch: Waffen-SS
Notes: Waffen-SS M42 Camouflage Smock (Tarnjacke). This is an M42 type 1 smock having the horizontal lower pockets. The smock is showing a printed, reversible, Oakleaf ‘A’ (Eichenlaubmuster A) camouflage pattern camouflage. The camouflage pattern has distinctly different colorations to the summer and autumn sides. The smock was closed by a cloth closure tie string, the tie string is regrettably not present. The elastic elastic around the waistline and the tunnel looped elastics at each cuff are in perfect condition. The elastic around the waistline is nicely covered under a piece of Italian Camouflage cloth. The reversible pocket bags are constructed in standard fieldgrey HBT cotton. The sleeves have open vented armpits. The fooliage loops are made of different pieces of camouflage, one fooliage loop is made of the late war Dot pattern camouflage. The smock has no visible manufacturer’s or size markings.

These pictures where kindly forwarded to me by Militaria Plaza, thanks a lot!