M42 Camouflage smock – Waffen-SS – Plane tree 3/4

Type of uniform: Waffen-SS M42 camouflage smock or Tarnjacke in Plane tree 3/4 or Platanenmuster camouflage
Material: Reversible Plane tree 3/4 or Platanenmuster camouflage printed on so called Makostoff. 
Colour: Plane tree 3/4 or Platanenmuster camouflage, one side with brown tints and the other with greens. This was reversible to camouflage in all seasons.
Branch: Waffen-SS
Notes: Waffen-SS M42 Camouflage Smock (Tarnjacke). This is a M42 type 2 smock with sloped lower pockets. The smock is made out of hand screened Plane Tree 3/4 or Platanenmuster pattern camouflage.  The reversible pockets are constructed in standard fieldgrey HBT or Drillich. The fooliage loops and the collar bordering are made of a different camouflage print.

Steve Brindley collection