Y-strap – K.W.K. 1940 – Aluminium hardware

Y-straps with auxiliary straps or “Koppeltragegestell aus Leder mit Hilfstrageriemen” was first introduced in April 1939. Meant to distribute the weight of the equipment evenly, the Y-straps where a important part of the equipment. In April 1940 the official name was changed to “Koppeltragegestell für Infanterie” Even though it was introduced in 1939 it only saw widespread use from 1941 onwards. Also in that year the first “tropical” Y-straps where introduced, they stayed in production until the end of the war. As the war further progressed the Y-straps underwent many minor changes ever simplifying the production.

 K.W.K. 1940
Maker: K.W.K. indicates production by Schnellpressenfabrik AG, Heidelberg
Year: 1940
Hardware: Aluminium
Notes: These early Y-straps with aluminium hardware are really scarce because the Y-straps only saw wide spread in 1941!