Waffen-SS camouflage cap – M42 Tarnmütze – Blurred edge

In 1942 the Waffen-SS redesigned the camouflage smock and helmet cover. Several changes where made such as the addition of foliage loops and waist pockets. Around this same time, the Waffen-SS introduced another ground breaking camouflage garment; the Tarnmütze. The camouflage field cap was first ordered to be produced with insignia inside and out by Himmler but this was discontinued quite early on. The Camouflage caps came with and without metal or sewn air vents. The caps where distributed widely and can be seen on many period pictures. These caps are rare.

Model: Waffen-SS M42 camouflage cap in blurred edge or Rauchtarnmuster camouflage material
Camouflage: Blurred edge or Rauchtarnmuster
Air vents: metal
Notes: This cap was narrowed in the centre seam, a treat that can be seen on many sidecaps and M43 field caps.

Lowlands collection