Rifle grenade pouches – Blue fabric – Rayon straps

Together with the carrying pouch for the grenade launcher itself a purposely made pair of pouches was issued to carry the heavy ammunition for the grenade launcher. It is made out of 2 sturdy bags connected together with a small strap, each bag would contain 15 rifle grenades and 3 ammunition clips with 5 special designed blanks to shoot these rifle grenades with which were located in 3 small compartments inside of the pouches! The bag itself was made out of sturdy fabric in colour ranging from blue to green, these closed with a simple closing flap with a strap which could be made from leather, webbing or rayon.

Material: Blue fabric and tan coloured webbing
Hardware: Steel
Markings: Unreadable
Maker: Unknown/unreadable
year: 1941-1945
Straps: Riveted rayon with Steel Lux parts
Notes: The pouches are marked underneath the flap but it is hard to tell what the stamp says exactly. I have attached a picture of soldiers of SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 25, with the SS-Schütze Ernst Molter, armed with Kar98K Schießbecher and the same pouches around his neck.