M.95 pouch – Repurposed Dutch pouches – Presumably Litzmannstadt made

The ammunition pouch for the K98 (Karabiner 98) bolt action rifle was executed in leather. Each soldier had two pouches which held 30 rounds each. The pouches where divided in 3 main compartments with a divider in each. The 7,92 x 57 mm ammunition was loaded on 5 round clips. Pre/early war the pouches where executed in brown leather, to be blackened and polished by the individual soldier. Some time early in the war (most) producers switched to blackening the leather pre production. Further simplifications occurred in 1943 when the pouches where further simplified. Some of these changes are the shortened loops for the belt and the use of rivets in stead of stitching or even combined. The back of the pouches have a D-ring to which the front hooks of the Y-strap would be attached.

Maker: Presumably Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt
Marking: Various Dutch Prewar markings including the CM or Centraal Magazijn stamp.
Year: –
Notes: A truly unique pouch manufactured from British webbing and three Dutch cartridge pouches for the M.95 Karabijn. The pouches are riveted to a piece of British webbing that was most probably part of a world war one equipment belt. Repurposed and recycled items like this are attributed to being made by Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt. The German army used many M.95 carbines that where captured after the Dutch capitulation in 1940. Due to the wide cartridges they would not fit the German pouches for the K98 and thus the Dutch pouches where re-issued or in this case, repurposed. The pouch came from a Danish attic with other military items.