Paratrooper smock – Knochensack – ’43 Sumpftarn – RBNR. 0/0708/0001 1945

Type of uniform: Paratrooper jumpsmock or Fallschirmjäger Knochensack in Sumpfmuster ’44 , Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage.
Material: Sumpfmuster ’43 , ‘hard edged’ Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage
Colour: Sumpfmuster ’43 , ‘hard edged’ Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage
Markings: RBNR. 0/0708/0001
Year: 1945
Maker: RBNR. 0/0708/0001 indicates production by Bekleidungsfabrik Habelt(Fritz) Crailsheim Baden-Württemberg 
Zippers: White plastic RiRi zippers
Notes: This Fallschirmjäger smock never worn and is in mint condition. The eagle mounted on the piece is a late war subdued eagle stitched on Drillich material.

S. H. Collection