Camouflage smock – Heer – ’44 Sumpftarn – RBNR 0/1001/0219

Type of uniform: Heer Tarnjacke or camouflage smock in Sumpfmuster ’44 , Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage.
Material: Reversible Sumpfmuster ’44 , Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage printed on rayon.
Colour: Sumpfmuster ’44 , Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage on one side and the inside the natural rayon colour. This was reversible to camouflage in winter however period images of this are very scarce.
Branch: Heer
Markings: RBNR 0/1001/0219
Maker: RBNR 0/1001/0219 is a unknown producer but is located in Vienna.
Size: II or 2
Notes: This smock is often referred to as the “sniper” smock but is a evolution of the hoodless Splittertarn smock issued to a lot of soldiers in the Großdeutschland division. This particular smock is executed in ’44 Sumpftarn which has more round edges then the ’43 Sumpftarn which has hard edges in the pattern. The smock has a thin rayon veil in the hood to camouflage the face in wear.