Luftwaffe Visor cap – EM / NCO – Named to Uffz. Heinrich Schnuer

Model: Luftwaffe EM/NCO visor cap
Size: 56
Notes: This cap belonged to Uffz.(Unteroffizier) Heinrich Schnuerborn 11.3.1923 in Ilsenburg and lost his life in the night of 24.4.1944 over Dorset, United Kingdom.

On this night the KG 2 or Kampf Geschwader 2 was on a bombing mission to Bristol, UK.
117 bombers from IX Fliegerkorps were to take part in this mission.
4 aircraft were lost from KG 2.
Schnuer was acting as observer in Ju 188 E1 “U5+GH”, Werk Nr. 180414 with 1 Staffel, I Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 2.

Their plane was shot down by 3.7 inch AA guns and was was seen to crash at 02:30 in Arne, Dorset, UK.


Heinrich Schnuer is buried in the cemetery of Warehem, United Kingdom. Position of the grave is block B, row O and grave 35.