K98 bayonet – Mundlos 1938 – Battle damaged North Africa bring-back

Ever since the introduction of the K98 bolt action rifle or Karabiner 98 Kurz as a replacement for the G98 or Gewehr 98 a new, shorter bayonet was designed. The K98 bayonet was officially named Seitengewehr 84/98 or SG 84/98.  The bayonet was designed as a close combat sidearm that could be placed on the tip of a K98.

The total length of the K98 bayonet was 38,7 cm in contrary to the 50.2 cm long G98 bayonet. The blade was also more straight and the hand guard was omitted. The K98 bayonet was carried in a leather frog or Seitengewehrtragetasche.  It was carried on the equipment belt in combination with the shovel and it’s carrier.

Model bayonet: Seitengewehr 84/98
Markings: Mundlos – 38 – 1321
Maker:  ab indicates production by Mundlos AG, Magdeburg. 
Year: 1938
Material: Blued steel
Grip material: Bakelite
A stunning Afrika Korps bayonet with frog, brought back by a US soldier from North Africa. The bayonet is matching, unsharpened and original to the frog. The bayonet is nicely marked Mundlos, dated 1938 and still retains most of its original blueing. The bayonet was hit directly by a bullet or a shell fragment, distressing the frog, the scabbard and the blade itself. The last picture shows the trajectory the bullet or shrapnel made, most probably wounding or killing the original wearer.