Combat equipment belt with ammunition pouches to Heinrich Weintkath

A beautiful equipment belt complete with ammunition pouches which all originally belong to each other. The equipment belt itself is named to H. Weinkath, standing for Grenadier, Heinrich Weinkath who was killed in action at the age of 34 and is now buried at Lommel, Belgium. The set is a US vet bring back and was later recovered in the US. Considering that the set is existing out of a Karabiner 98 and a Gewehr 43 pouch H. Weinkath was most likely equipped with the Gewehr 41 or Gewehr 43.


Gewehr 43 Ammunition pouch: 

Colour: Black
Material: Black pebbled leather
Markings: cxb 44
Maker: cxb indicates production by Moll, Lederwarenfabrik, Goch, Rheinland
Notes: Combat used Gewehr 43 pouches are real scarce because there where only 450.000 Gewehr 43 rifles produced during the second world war. For being equipped with a Gewehr 43 it was usual to have a Karabiner 98 pouch and a Gewehr 43 pouch, this was done to keep up the production speediness of the pouches.