Capbadge – Heer – 116 Panzerdivision “Der Windhund”

During the war various units wore unit specific insignia. These insignias where worn on caps, sleeves or shoulderboards.

Type: 116. Panzerdivision greyhound cap badge
Official name: Windhundabzeichen
Unit: 116. Panzerdivision
Place of wear: On the left side of the field cap
Timeframe: 1942-1945
Notes: Sascha was a Greyhound adopted by the staff of the 16. Infanteriedivision. It was a stray dog that wandered nearly starved to members of the staff. It was named Sascha and cared for by the staff. When in 1943 the division was reformed to the 116. Panzer division it was vouched that Sascha would become the Divisional insignia as by then, it was already famous amongst most of the men.

Seen here is a rare original Windhundabzeichen, manufactured from Zinc. This insignia was first widely available late 1944, when the divisional staff agreed on these badges worn by all members of the division.