Camouflaged gasmask canister – Brush painted grey – Gefreiter Koßmann

Throughout world war two the German army issued and carried gas masks. After the terrible experiences in world war one these where thought of as one of the most important pieces of equipment issued. The Germans utilized every gasmask with a metal canister so to keep the gasmask in good usable condition. The metal cases where first introduced in world war one and further evolved through the Reichswehr and ultimately in 1935 by the Wehrmacht. Several small changes where made to the canisters appearance ranging from the length of the canister to sealing the lid of the canister to make it dust tight.

Notes: This canister belonged to Gefreiter Koßmann. He applied two coats of bluegrey paint on his gasmask. One in dark blue and one in light grey to overcome the heavy wear to the gasmask canister. Gefreiter Koßmann was most probably a member of the Kriegsmarine or Luftwaffe.