Camouflage smock – Heer – ’44 Sumpftarn – Hoodless

Type of uniform: Hoodless Heer Tarnjacke or camouflage smock in Sumpfmuster ’44 , Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage.
Material: Reversible Sumpfmuster ’44 , Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage printed on rayon.
Colour: Sumpfmuster ’44 , Sumpftarn or marsh camouflage on one side and the inside the natural rayon colour. This was reversible to camouflage in winter however period images of this are very scarce.
Branch: Heer
Markings: –
Maker: –
Notes: This smock is the first type produced after the hoodless smock in Splittertarnmuster. It further evolved with the addition of a hood later in the war.

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