Tunic – Waffen-SS – Dot 44 – ᛋᛋ-BW

Type of uniform:“Dot 44” or “Pea Dot” Camouflage tunic in HBT cotton
Material: Reverse printed HBT cotton in Erbsenmuster camouflage
Colour: 5 colours are represented in the Erbsenmuster camouflage.
Branch: Waffen-SS
Insignia: One Bevo sleeve eagle and one tropical SS-Rottenführer winkel below it. These are in my opinion restored to the piece.
Markings: ᛋᛋ-BW ( SS-Bekleidungswerke)
Size markings;
Tunic back length:
Tunic chest size: 92
Collar size: 42
Tunic length: 67
sleeve length: 66
Maker: ᛋᛋ-BW (SS-Bekleidungswerke) was a stamp used by different slave labour camps such as Dachau and Lublin.
Notes: The two top pocket flaps have been constructed from smooth cotton camouflage material.

M.K. Collection