Tunic – Ordnungspolizei – Dot 44

Type of uniform:“Dot 44”, “Pea Dot” or Erbsenmuster Camouflage tunic in HBT linnen
Material: HBT Linnen in Erbsenmuster camouflage
Colour: 5 colours are represented in the Erbsenmuster camouflage.
Branch: Military police or Ordnungspolizei
Insignia: One Bevo Police eagle factory mounted by straight stitch.
Maker: –
Notes: In 1944 the Military police or Ordnungspolizei was put under the Waffen-SS jurisdiction and as such they where issued their own camouflage uniforms. The cut of the uniforms is the same as the M43 Polizei 4 pocket uniforms though the camouflage is Waffen-SS specific.

Han Schmitt Collection