Tropical Y-straps – Jean Weipert Offenbach 1941 – Found in Oosterbeek!

Y-straps with auxiliary straps or “Koppeltragegestell aus Leder mit Hilfstrageriemen” was first introduced in April 1939. Meant to distribute the weight of the equipment evenly, the Y-straps where a important part of the equipment. In April 1940 the official name was changed to “Koppeltragegestell für Infanterie” Even though it was introduced in 1939 it only saw widespread use from 1941 onwards. Also in that year the first “tropical” Y-straps where introduced, they stayed in production until the end of the war. As the war further progressed the Y-straps underwent many minor changes ever simplifying the production.

Markings: Jean Weipert, Offenbach 1941
Maker: Jean Weipert, Offenbach 1941
Year: 1941
Hardware: Coated steel, hinged front hook.
Notes: Canvas Y-straps like these are called ” Tropical ” as it is thought that’s the initial reason of the utilization of the material. They where introduced together with other canvas uniforms and equipment meant for the Deutsches Afrika Korps. After that they kept producing these until 1945. The rear strap of this Y-strap has stitched button holes. The Y-strap was found in Oosterbeek in a private household around 4 years ago. The right main support strap clearly soiled with grease and black residue, often seen on automatic weapons. The Y-strap must have been used by a MG gunner, supporting the MG34/MG42 on his right shoulder. The Y-strap has a lot of character and is a unique piece!