Tropical trousers – Heer – Bergen

The German army has a wide array of trousers used by its troops. Different trousers for different branches in different designs, colours and materials. In the beginning stages of the war the German army was equipped with the M40 Langhosen which where straight legged trousers which ended down in the jackboots. When in 1942 the lowboots where first introduced as a substitute for the jackboots in the field a new pair of trousers where introduced. The M42 Keilhosen had tapered ends with an adjustable stirrup to tie under the feet.  These stirrups kept the trouser legs inside the Gamaschen or gaiters.

Type of uniform: Tropical Breeches for the Afrikakorps
Material: Ribbed tropical material
Colour: Olive
Branch: Heer
Markings: Bergen
Maker: Bergen
Depot: E.41 or Erfurt 1941