Short handled wire cutters – Tan Pressstof pouch


The German Pioniertruppen or Pioneer troops where equipped to accomplish many different tasks. Where it laying mines, building (or demolishing) bridges, removing obstacles or constructing earth re-inforcments; the Pioneer troops carried all sorts of necessary equipment. They had a variety of different tools such as long spades, saws, explosives, detonators, and wire cutters.

The Drahtschere or wire cutters came in two variants. A short handled type and a long handled type. The short one was merely designed for the Gruppenführer or NCO and the long one was designed for Pioneer use. Both came with a specialized carrying case. The short wire cutters came in a case made out of leather or Presstoff, and the long handled wire cutters came in a canvas pouch  with leather loops and a leather or Presstoff reinforcement at the bottom. The handles of both the short and long wire cutters are insulated with pressed paper with bakelite end caps.

Type of tool: Drahtschere – Short handled wire cutters without bakelite grips
Markings: The tan Pressstof cover is marked 1943
Maker: –
Year: 1943
Materials: Tan coloured Pressstof 
Notes: A extremely rare short tan presstoff carrier complete with the short wire cutters. The pouch is made of Presstoff and nicely dated 1943. The short wire cutter pouches made out of tan Presstoff are considered extremely rare!