Rifle cleaning kit – Rg 34 – G. Appel

The rifle cleaning kit 34 or Reinigungsgerät 34 (Rg 34)became the new all-round weapon cleaning kit. The cleaning kit was designed and patented by the company of Gustav Appel in 1933. Gustav Appel was the first factory to produce these in large numbers for commercial sale, army contracts and exported these too. The Reinigungsgerät 34 was adapted as the primary cleaning kit for use with all types of handheld weapons including automatic weapons and pistols such as the P.08, MG34 and MP38. There was one type of Rg 34 in use throughout the war, it did not undergo any big design changes other then manufacture and material simplification later in the war.

The components of the Reinigungsgerät 34 where:

Case or Behälter
Cleaning chain or Reinigungskette
Oiler or Öltropfer
Oiling brush or Ölbürste
Cleaning brush or Reinigungsbürste
Takedown tool or Hülsenkopfwischer
Cleaning strings or Reinigungsdocht

Type: Rg 34
Markings: G. Appel
Maker: Gustav Appel Maschinenfabrik, Berlin-Spandau.
Year: 1940 (rough estimate)
Case finish: Graublau or Blue paint, blued closing latches
Chain type: Swivel head, zinc links
Oiler type: Steel
Tool: G. Appel marked