Pioneer heavy equipment belt hanger – Unit marked – C. Riese 1937

The German Pioniertruppen or Pioneer troops where equipped to accomplish many different tasks. Where it laying mines, building (or demolishing) bridges, removing obstacles or constructing earth re-inforcments; the Pioneer troops carried all sorts of necessary equipment. They had a variety of different tools such as long spades, saws, explosives, detonators, and wire cutters.

Type: Pioneer heavy equipment hanger
Markings: C. Riese Berlin 1937 and 1./A.R. 12 II
Maker:  C. Riese, Berlin
Year: 1937
Materials: Sturdy brown leather
Notes: These hangers were used to support the belt which had to carry some heavy equipment like the short handled shovel or the pickaxe. This is a real nice pre war example which is unit marked: 1./A.R. 12 II.