MP40 submachinegun – Maschinenpistole 40 – ayf 43

Model: Maschinenpistole 40 – MP40 – Submachinegun 40 aka MP40
Markings: MP40 – ayf 43 –  6697 t
Maker: Erfurter Maschinenfabrik B. Geipel GmbH (ERMA)
Serial: 6697 t
Year: 1943
Material: Blued steel and bakelite
The MP40 was used by a French resistance member of the FTP(French Communist Resistance) in Ploermel, Normandy. The MP40 is fully matching and was found with the old French resistance member in 2015, when it was deactivated. The MP40 was found without a sling, but still came with the original rubber muzzle cap.