MP40 pouch – Unknown maker

The magazine pouch designed for the MP40 or Magazintasche MP38 u. 40 was first implemented in 1938 when the MP38 was introduced as the new weapon for squad leaders or Gruppenführer. The pouches came in sets of two and each pouch had 3 individual cells for single 32 round magazines. One left and one right pouch. The left pouch had a extra compartment where a speed loader was kept. A wide variety of different materials, colours and designs where produced throughout the war. Leather, rayon, canvas where the main components used in the manufacture of the pouches.

Markings: –
Maker: –
Colour of main material: Green canvas
Closing straps: Blackened leather
Belt loops: Blackened leather
D-ring strap: Blackened leather
Notes: This pouch was worn in the battle for the South of the Netherlands. It was picked up during battle and worn by a Dutch resistance member. The maker of this pouch is not precisely known as the markings have become unreadable. It shares characteristics with pouches made by Otto Koberstein.

J. Levels Collection