Mountain troop boots – Handte & Schneider 1943

Eversince 1937, Soldiers in the German army received a pair of Schnürschuhe (lowboots) next to their issue pair of Knobelbecher(Jackboots). They where first only meant as a part of the Drillichanzug(a offwhite uniform for basic training made of linen HBT) but as the war progressed the Schnürschuhe saw action on the front. They where meant to be worn with Gamaschen(Gaiters) to overlap the boots with the trousers.

The Gebirgsjäger received a pair of army issued mountain boots designed to cope with the harsh terrain in the mountains. The boots are constructed in a in a much sturdier design then the regular M37 Schnürschuhe and are executed with metal cleats to grip onto rock surfaces better. The leather used in the construction is thicker then that used in the M37 Schnürschuhe. The top of the boots is bordered with a piece of Feldgrau wool to make the rough edge of the thick leather not cut in the ankle. The Gebirgsjäger boots are meant to be worn with Wickelgamaschen or Steirische Gamaschen. 

Maker: Handte & Schneider
Year: 1943
Material: blackened leather