M44 shoulder boards – Heer Infanterie

The German army uniform where standard per army and most had removable shoulder boards. These shoulder boards or Schulterklappen where sewn from wool with a coloured piping on the side to designate the specific branch the soldier was serving in. At first shoulder boards where still manufactured with wool piping but around 1941 they switched to rayon piping. Further in the war these shoulder boards became more simplified and less well made. A lot of different shoulder boards where worn in the German army between 1933 and 1945 and they came with different sizes, colours, piping and ranks.

Model: M44
Piping: White for Infantry or Infanterie
Branch: Infantry or Infanterie
Unit: Unspecified
Rank: EM which stands for Enlisted Men
Wool: Late war slate gray wool
Timeframe: 1944
Notes: These shoulder boards are late war simplified or M44 types. They lack a proper wool backing as to simplify and save raw materials.