M44 Greatcoat – Waffen-SS – ᛋᛋ-BW

Type of uniform: Waffen-SS M44 greatcoat or Tuchmantel 44
Material: Wool lined with rayon
Colour: Italian wool
Branch: Heer
Insignia: –
Year: 1944/1945
markings: ᛋᛋ-BW
Maker: ᛋᛋ-Bekleidungswerke
Depot: –
Notes:Heavily simplified, no more hooks on the lower corners of the fabric, no rear waistband, no French cuffs. Even the back of the mantel is made out of one piece, no more seam in the middle. The whole thing is executed in captured rough italian wool. I can’t see any sleeve eagle traces but as of now it is getting dark and it was on a dark parking lot that I acquired this piece. So I’ll check tomorrow. Something else of interest is that not 4 but 2 slits for the belt hooks on the left and right side are installed. This further signifies for me that this overcoat was made specifcly for the Waffen-SS M44 tunic.