M43 Tunic – Heer – Reed green HBT – 0/0150/0041

Type of uniform: M43 HBT or Drillich tunic
Material: HBT linnen in “Reed Green” coloured material.
Colour: Reed Green
Branch: Heer
Insignia: One late embroided breast eagle factory mounted by zigzag stitch with gray thread and factory mounted Litzen. A Obergefreiter rank insignia is originally sewn onto the left sleeve.
Markings: 0/0150/0041 – B44
Maker: 0/0150/0041 – M. Michovius, Uniformfabrik, Cottbus, Tel 2957
Notes: This tunic was found in Belgium after the war. It still retains dirt in the back, it is a worn tunic.