M42 Canteen – CFL44 – orange bakelite cup

A small diversity of canteens used by the German army during the second world war. The Wehrmacht used a lot of different materials to produce these canteens. Aluminium and steel is used to form the flasks. Steel variants have been introduced with various finishes as early as 1942.

Also a wide variation of strap material is used from diverse sorts of leather and canvas. The covers are mostly made from felt which got really course by the end of the war. Later in the war italian uniform cloth known as gaberdine was used too. Also a 4th press stud from the cover was ommitted in the final years of production further simplifying the production.

Marking: CFL 44 on the cup and on the flask.
Maker: CFL indicates production by Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid
Year: 1944
Strap: Two piece construction in thick black leather
Flask: Olive painted Steel, 0.8L variant
Cup: Original orange bakelite cup
Cover: Felt with four painted press studs and riveted straps
Other notes: This canteen comes with one of the rarest cups ever made and issued to the German army; theorange bakelite canteen cup. It is unclear why it is made in this bright orange colour, as other colours also seen from the period. Very rare to find a original orange bakelite canteen cup!


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