M40 Greatcoat – Waffen-SS – Wool – 525

Type of uniform: M40 greatcoat or Tuchmantel 40
Material: Wool
Colour: Field gray or Feldgrau
Branch: Heer
Insignia: The factory sewn sleeve eagle has been removed.
Markings: 525
Maker: 525
Notes: A stunning original M40 Waffen-SS Mantel or overcoat in mint condition. The mantel is not to be confused with the Heer/Army type; this cut of Mantel is different in shape, cut, marking and is specifically made for the Waffen-SS. The eagle has been restored to the sleeve, other then that its a nice untouched mint condition Waffen-SS M40 Mantel. The mantel is marked 525 which is a specific waffen-ss producer. These overcoats are very scarce!