M37 gaiters – Erich Schulze 1942

Eversince 1937, Soldiers in the German army received a pair of Schnürschuhe (lowboots) next to their issue pair of Knobelbecher(Jackboots). They where first only meant as a part of the Drillichanzug(a offwhite uniform for basic training made of linen HBT) but as the war progressed the Schnürschuhe saw action on the front. They where meant to be worn with Gamaschen(Gaiters) to overlap the boots with the trousers.

Maker: Erich Schulze, Darmen (Wuppertal).
Size: 3, a red stamped 3 can be seen on the onside of the top Gamasche
Year: 1942
Material: Canvas and leather
Notes: This model, bordered with leather on the bottom is said to be pre/early war only but this is not true, as some 1944 dated pairs show.