M31 Canteen – W.A.L.41 – white speckled cup

Marking: W.A.L.41 on the flask, cover and strap. The white speckled bakelite cup is marked gfc 1941.
Maker: Westfalische Aluminium Industrie, Junger & Co., Lüdenscheid
Year: 1941
Strap: black leather, smooth side out
Flask: Aluminium, big 1 liter variant
Cup: Black bakelite
 Felt with four painted press studs
Other notes: The nice thing about this canteen is its unusual white speckled bakelite cup. The cup is “MPD” coded 46 S. Made by Erich Wippermann, Halver i. Westfalen. The material is Phenolic Resin with white Filler, which is a form of bakelite. A bakelite cup in this colour is unusual!