M31 Canteen – Labeflasche – EEF 43

The large canteen or Labeflasche is a canteen issued to mountain troops and medical personnel. These Gebirgsjäger and Sanitäter needed a larger capacity canteen. These canteens where made in 1, 1,5 and 2 liter capacity. They come in a variety of different straps. The mountain troops or Gebirgsjäger where issued with a large canteen that resembles the standard M31 Feldflasche with a single strap. The Sanitäter where issued one with a complete different strap. Their canteen has a harness that goes all around with a large carrying sling. The Labeflasche was made in aluminium (M31) and steel (M42). Most of these Labeflaschen where made until the end in aluminum but some steel variants are seen.

Markings: EEF 43 on the flask and strap
Maker: EEF 43 indicates production by Ewald Eigenbrod Aluminium-und Metallwarenfabrik, Freiling.
Year: 1943
Strap: Leather
Flask: Aluminium, 1 liter variant
Cup: Olive painted aluminum
 Felt with four painted press studs
Other notes: