M1910 messkit – RZM M6/1/37

The M31 messkit or “Kochgeschirre M 31 (Alum.)” was a 1.6 liter capacity cooking pot carried on the left side of the breadbag. The messkit was a clever engineered piece of equipment capable of serving as a cooking or eating pot. The early models also had indicating marks on the front, under the handle on which could measure the size of the contents. It had a cleverly placed wire handle on which the messkit could be hung above a fire. The messkits came in a big variety of colours and materials. At first the messkits where nearly completely made out of aluminium except the wire handle. From around 1940 onwards the handle on the lid was made from steel. In 1942 the simplified steel model “Kochgeschirre M 42 (Eis.)” was introduced. It had less and less well crafted details and the production became a hurry. I found the designation “M42” in the production numbers of the German Industry.

Marking: RZM M6/1/37
Maker: It is unclear to what maker the RZM code M6/1/37 refers to
Year: 1937
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Matt black
Notes: This tall, pre war model was most probably made and used by a political organization. The prewar political models for the HitlerjugendAllgemeine-SS and SA where finished in a black paint. Sometimes these where used by members of the Waffen-SS as well, as some wartime images of the 12 SS Panzerdivision show.