Grenade launcher pouch – dkk 43

Rifle grenades could be fired from a discharge cup which could be attached to most German used rifles including the K98, G43, MP44 and the FG42. This enabled troops to attack objectives out of reach for hand grenades. The discharge cup, a special sight and a ‘take down’ tool were carried all together in a special developed pouch. The pouch could be worn around the neck, shoulder or could be attached to the belt. The pouch is produced in black or brown leather or various colours of canvas. The designation of the main body is always the same with the shoulder strap either directly sewn or made detachable.

Colour: Black
Material: Smooth black leather
Markings: dkk 43 – WaA 193
Maker: dkk indicates production by Friedrich Offermann u. Söhne, Lederwarenfabrik, Bensberg
Carrying strap: Tan coloured webbing with Lux marked hardware, Directly attached
Hardware: Steel
Notes: This is the model which front part is factory reinforced by use of stitching!