G41 semi-automatic rifle – duv 43

Model: Gewehr 41 ( G43)
Markings: G.41 duv 43 8743
Maker: Berlin Luebecker 
Serial: 8743
Material: Blued steel
Stock: Laminated wood and Durafol (top hand guard)
Collectors notes:
  Duv 43 made by Berlin Luebecker in 1943.  This was the last year of production of the g41 before they were turned fully over to g43 production.  To my knowledge the highest serial number duv 43 g41 known is around 6500h, or about 8,000 serial numbers after this one- making it very late production.  This is why it has no scope rails and has some late features like the “jwh” subcontracted recoil lug (picture 39).  As you can see in the photos this is one of the most gruesome guns I own and obviously belonged to a KIA/WIA.  It is entirely matching and was a “closet find”.


This rifle is a part of the bigdibbs88 collection