Fuze setting pouch – J. Ensch & Co. 1934

The German Pioniertruppen or Pioneer troops where equipped to accomplish many different tasks. Where it laying mines, building (or demolishing) bridges, removing obstacles or constructing earth re-inforcments; the Pioneer troops carried all sorts of necessary equipment. They had a variety of different tools such as long spades, saws, explosives, detonators, and wire cutters.

Type of pouch: pre war fuze setting pouch
Markings: J. Ensch & Co. Ohrdruf 1934 – Pre war waffenamt 
Maker: J. Ensch &C o. Ohrdruf 1934
Year: 1934
Materials: Leather
Notes: Earliest example I have ever seen of this type of pouch, it is not completely clear which year this pouch was designed and firstly produced!