Captured Italian M30 Messkit

During world war two, Italy was one of Germany’s biggest allies. After fierce battles in september 1943 the Italians surrendered against the American and British. The German forces fighting in Italy retreated and took most of the Italian army stocks of food, uniforms, equipment, weapons and ammunition. After 1943 repurposed Italian goods are a commonly seen thing in the German army. Wool and fabric stocks where used up in the production of German uniforms. Weapons and equipment where reissued in within the German army. The Italian army messkit (Gavetta Modello 1930) was a commonly seen item within the German army. Prior to re-issue in the German army they where mostly painted green by the Germans.

Model: Gavetta Modello 1930
Colour: Green
Material: Aluminium

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F. Suijkerbuijk collection