Equipment belt – 0/0676/0120

The standard Equipment belt or Koppelriemen kept all the equipment together and is to be considered one of the key elements. Finding a nice one can be hard nowadays and reproductions are plenty. Right up to 1943 the early model was produced with a leather tongue with a series of holes on the inside which kept the prongs of the belt buckle. The later models where simplified whereas this leather tongue was omitted and the holes simply cut through the belt. The hook for the belt buckle was first produced in aluminium later to be replaced by steel. The belts are adjustable and marked in size ranging between 75 and 120 centimeters. These belts also came in a tropical variant made from webbing material. These are always made in the configuration with the leather tongue.

Colour: Black
Leather: Black tanned leather
Markings: 0/0676/0120
Maker: 0/0676/0120 indicates production in the town of Offenbach(Hessen) where multiple leather and equipment producers where based.
Hardware: steel hook
Size: 80 centimeters