Browning Hi-Power 35 Pistol – Pistole 640(b) – WaA140

During the war the Germans produced, captured and reissued many different pistols to their troops. Most if not all pistols had specific holsters and some pistols even had multiple kinds of holsters. Captured pistols where sometimes even fitted with new, German made holsters during the war. The standard pistol in the German army was the P.08 which in 1938 was replaced by the P.38. The P.08 was replaced but remained in production until 1945 by Krieghoff.

During the German occupation of Belgium the FN factory produced around 319.000 Browning Hi-Power 35’s or Pistole 640(b) for the German army. By 1944 the production stopped at 63.000 Pistols due to the liberation of the factory by the allied forces. Three different models were produced under the German occupation. The early and first model with the slotted grips were marked WaA613 indicating the Arms-Inspector mark of Tennert. The second model produced In the period between January 1941 and May 1942 retained the adjustable rear sight and were marked WaA103 indicating the Arms-Inspector mark of Lüttich. The third and last model produced are marked with the WaA140 which also indicates the Arms-Inspector mark of Lüttich. There are various examples of these to be found which can possess both the tangent rear sight and a fixed rear sight.

At the beginning of 1943 the Germans introduced an entirely new serial code numbering system. Starting at 1a until number 99999a. this started again in 1944 with 1b and continues to about 6300b when the production stopped.

Most of the Browning Hi-Power 35’s or Pistole 640(b) were issued to Waffen-SS and Fallschirmjäger Personnel. A lot of period photographic evidence will illustrate this!

Model: Browning Hi-Power 35 – Pistole 640(b)
Markings: WaA140 – 84607a – Fabrique Nationale D’armes De Guerre, Herstal Belgique 
 FN Herstal, Belgium – Fabrique Nationale D’armes De Guerre, Herstal Belgique 
Serial: 84607a – Which indicates production in 1943
Material: Blued steel
Wooden grips
Notes: This example is EU-Deactivated in France to the new EU standards and is free to own for anyone over 18 years in most of the European countries.

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