A-frame – Tropical – Ehrhardt & Kirsten 1941

The A-frame or Gefechtsgepäck für Infanterie Schützenkompanien was a small canvas frame which was carried on the Y-strap. It was introduced in 1939. The A-frame was a way for soldiers to pack away their secondary necessities and to divide the weight more evenly on the equipment.

The A-frame carries the following items:

Messkit or M31 Kochgeschirr
Quarter shelter or M31 Zeltbahn
A-frame bag or Beutel zum Gefechtsgepäck

The A-frame bag or Beutel zum Gefechtsgepäck was used to carry a sweater, rifle cleaning kit and the Eiserne Portion.

The A-frame was made in a few varieties showing various ways of manufacture. Later in the war the bags where also made from recycled equipment.

Model: Tropical, full webbing construction
Markings: Ehrhardt & Kirsten Taucha-Leipzig 1941
Year: 1941
Maker: Ehrhardt & Kirsten Taucha-Leipzig.
Material: Webbing
Pouch: Green canvas with pigskin leather
Notes: Note that the pouch and the A-frame are produced by the same maker!