Stunning untouched M42 helmet with period fitted field made Russian camouflage cover


One-off original untouched helmet with unique wartime fitted field made Russian camouflage cover. The helmet is a stunning example which is most probably unique in the world. The helmet is a M42 example without decal marked CKL66 with a blood stained liner. The cover is a field made example made out of Russian camouflage material. These covers were photographed in Stalingrad, with the best known example worn by Wilhelm Staub, pictured with a PPSH. The cover shows the right bleed into the material with the rivets and the air vents of the shell imprinted into the cloth. The helmet and its cover surely have always been together making it a unique helmet with cover combination that in my opinion is unique; in 15 years of collecting I’ve never seen a second one!

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm