ET64 M42 Heer helmet in three tone camouflage, named A.Renkel KIA liner


Textbook Heer single decal M42 helmet marked ET64 indicating production by Eisenhuttenwerke Thale. The helmet is a typical example with its wartime applied three-tone camouflage pattern. The helmet was originally found in Italy. The helmet retains its factory applied liner which is blood soaked and named A. Renkel. A Renkel most probably did not survive this and should be researchable. There is what looks like a unit abbreviation under his name which would be a nice base for further research. There is a Sturmmann Peter Arnold Renkel KIA 18.09.1944 and is buried in Bayeux. Although the helmet did not start its life as a SS single decal it is not unthinkable it would have been redistributed by the Waffen-SS. Impressive helmet with researchable features!

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