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  • Normandy death card 10.6.44 in Grenadier Regiment


    Nice original death card to 18 year old Grenadier Ludwig Girmann,  killed in action 10 June 1944 in Normandy. He is buried in La Cambe, Normandy Block 42 Grab 182. 

  • Photograph lot with 45 photos of Railway guns and their crew


    A great set of +/- 45 photographs with 10 photographs of railroad guns in use of the Wehrmacht. Several large calibre sized railroad guns are pictures; one is named Wir Fahren Gegen Engeland. The pictures also show a large artillery ammunition stash. Most probably these pictures are taken somewhere in France behind the Atlantikwal. The pictures are all in the standard photo size of 9x6CM.

  • Wehrpass to Paul Hilser IR 75 France, Denmark, Russia, Demjansk


    Nice Wehrpass to Paul Hilser, Infanterie Regiment 75. Served the complete 1940 campaign of France later to continue into the east in Denmark, Russia, and the battle for Demjansk. He was awarded the Verwundeten Abzeichen im Schwarz 4.10.42. Hilser was killed in action 10.07.1944 in Lesniaki, Ukraine.

  • Westfront death card Panzer-Späh-Kompanie


    Death card of Karl Sonnleitner, Unteroffizier in a Panzer Späh (Reconnaissance) Kompanie. Karl was awarded the EK2. He was killed 28.10.1944 and is buried in Bitburg-Kolmeshöhe.

  • Eastern front death card SS-Panzergrenadier Totenkopf


    Death card of SS-Panzergrenadier Peter Krämer in the division Totenkopf. Killed in action in Tschistjakowo. Krämer was 34 years old and was killed 31.7.1943 by wounds by heavy shrapnel wounds. He was buried in Tschistjakowo. 

  • Wehrpass Johann Dorrenbach, Aufklärungsabteilung 116 – Der Windhund


    Wehrpass to Schütze Johann Dorrenbach member of Aufklärungsabteilung 116 part of the 116. Panzerdivision Der Windhund. Dorrenbach was awarded the Verwundeten Abzeichen im Schwarz in 1943 with 4. Kompanie Panzer Aufklärungsabteilung 116. He was awarded the Nahkampfspange 1. Stüfe and Algemeines Stürmabzeichen on 12.1.1944 post mortem. He was killed in action 22.9.1943 at Brückenkopf Saporoshe, Lukaschewo, Ukraine and his remains where never found. Wehrpass to a highly decorated Frontkämpfer of the famous 116. Panzerdivision ‘Der Windhund’!

  • Unique photographs Knights Cross ceremony Oberfeldwebel Friedrich Hengstler 3./Geb.J.Rgt. 98


    Unique photo set of the Knights Cross ceremony of Oberfeldwebel Friedrich Hengstler on 12.9.1941. Hengstler served as Zugführer in 3. Kompanie Gebirgsjäger Regiment 98 and was awarded the Knights Cross because took over the leadership of his company during the most dangerous attack of enemy forces. Despite being heavily wounded he managed to stop the Soviet advance, had his unit counterattack the enemy and secured the left flank of his battaillon. This is his personal set off pictures of the award ceremony. These pictures are unique!

  • Set of pictures of Fieseler Storch Von Schlippenbach KG200


    A nice set of pictures of a Fieseler Storch and a group of officers of Kampfgeschwader 200. One of them is named Von Schlippenbach.

  • Westfront death card 10.11.44 Morville France


    Death card of Unteroffizer und Zugführer Berhnard Toppmöller. Killed in action in Morville, Belgium. Toppmöller was 37 years old and was killed 10.11.1944 in Morville and is buried in Andilly. 

  • Luftwaffe Wehrpass KG27 Boelcke


    Nice original Wehrpass to Oberfeldwebel Alfred Herrmann, 1. Kompanie Kampfgeschwader Boelcke nr. 27. Hermann served from 1938 to 1945 in Kampfgeschwader Boelcke which saw its first service in September 1939 in Poland. He was awarded the Sudeten Errinnerungsmedaille, KVK2 and Medaille Kreuz Zeug gegen Kommunismus.

  • Berchtesgaden Death Card KIA 8.5.45 SS-Rottenführer


    Original death card to SS-Rottenführer Markus Müller born 7.12.1919 and killed in action 8.5.1945 in Berchtesgaden. Killed in action on the day the Americans seized Berchtesgaden.

  • Wehrpass ObGf. Normandy, Lothringen, Oberrhein 243 ID


    Nice Wehrpass to Josef Mouhler, Pionier in Pionier Btl 243, 243 Infanterie Division. The Wehrpass indicates Josef took part in the following battles;

    6.6.44 Invasionsfront
    .44 France
    .44 Lothringen
    .45 Oberrhein

    All in all a very nice Wehrpass with a impressive list of attended battles and a great base for further resource.


  • Kriegsmarine photo album from Breda, The Netherlands


    Stunning photo album to Kriegsmarine troops stationed in Breda, the Netherlands. A very nice album with over 51 large photographs all taken in, or the vicinity of the Dutch town of Breda. The album is in very good condition and comes with nice clear photographs. No missing photos!

  • Soldbuch grouping to 269ID, Holland, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Leningrad, Norway


    Large Soldbuch, Wehrpass and document grouping to Werner Gunkel, Hauptfeldwebel in the 269 Infanterie Division. Gunkel enlisted to Infanterie Reigiment 16 before the war on 28.10.1937. He was transferred to the staff of the 269 Infanterie Division on 26.8.39 with the stammrollnumber 1 right until 8.5.45. The Wehrpass indicates Gunkel took part in the following battles and operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Denmark and Norway.

    8.9.39 Securing of the German western border
    10.5.40 Battle for Maastricht
    10.5.40 Crossing of the Maas
    11.5.40 Crossing of the Albertkanaal west of Maastricht
    13.5.40 Following battles in eastern Belgium and over the Albertkanaal
    13.5.40 Taking of the town of Lüttich
    14.5.40 Battles of Lüttich fortifications
    15.5.40 Battles of Namur fortifications
    16.5.40 breakthrough through the Dyle fortifications
    16.5.40 Taking of the town of Namur
    20.5.40 Battle of the Schelde
    20.5.40 Battles for the fortifications of St. Amand.
    5.6.40 Battles for France
    11.6.40 Battles for Cote d’Or
    14.7.40 Transport to Denmark
    7.8.40 Taking of Denmark
    22.6.41 Battles for Lithuanian border
    25.6.41 Breaktrough at the Lithuanian border line
    26.6.41 Tank battle at the Dubysa river
    27.6.41 Crossing of the Düna river.
    2.7.41 Breakthrough through the Latvian/Russian border
    8.7.41 Breakthrough through the Russian Border and battles south of lake Ilmen
    12.7.41 Battle for Schelon
    14.7.41 Attack and defense of Luga
    15.8.41 Battles for Luga
    24.8.41 Taking of Luga
    25.8.41 Breaktrough of the Luga defenses
    29.8.41 Break into the Leningrad surroundings
    13.9.41 Taking of Krasnogwardeisk
    17.9.41 Taking of Puschkin
    26.9.41 Defensive battles for Leningrad
    7.12.41 Defensive battles for Krasnogwardeisk
    17.12.41 Attack on Pogostje and Olomna
    28.12.41 Battles between lake Ilmen and Ladoga.
    30.12.41 Defense at Pogostje
    13.1.42 Defense against Russian Wolchow offensive for release of Leningrad
    9.3.42 Defensive battles at Schala and Konduja
    10.5.42 Trench battles at Wolchow and Pogostje area
    1.11.42 Transport to Norway
    16.11.42 Taking of Norway

    24.11.40 Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwerter
    23.6.42 Verwundetenabzeichen im Schwarz
    18.4.43 Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwerter

    The grouping comes complete with the Soldbuch, Wehrpass, military and civilian drivers licenses and some post war POW papers. A very nice group that would be a very nice base for further research.

  • Wound badge in silver marked 65


    A very nice original wound badge or Verwundetenabzeichen im Silber marked 65 indicating production by Klein und Quenzer, Idar-Oberstein.

  • Period issue map of Roermond and Limburg area


    Very nice original map of Roermond but globally Limburg area.

  • Issue map of Arlon area, Luxemburg / Ardennes


    Large period map of Arlon area with large parts of Luxemburg and the Ardennes. A very nice and colourful map from 1943!

  • Period interlinking maps of Leningrad and Novgorod area


    Two original maps showing the area between Leningrad and Novgorod. The place where some of the fiercest battles on the eastern front where fought. The maps are drawn onto and show the HKL or HauptkampfLinie. Very hard to find original maps of Leningrad with drawn in positions and most interestingly; the maps are interlinked. They can be placed on top of each other with a interlinking line of positions.

  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Kesfeld Eifel 2.2.45 – 212. VGD


    Death card of Gefreiter Josef Greineder. Killed in action during the Ardennes battles at Kesfeld / Eifel. Greineder was 19 years old and was killed 22.1.1945 in Kesfeld / Eifel and is buried in Daileden, Germany. The database at the graveyard indicates his Erkennungsmarke read 2659 – St.KP.G.EB. 423. indicating Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 423. This battalion was the unit supplying replacements for the 212. Volks-Grenadier-Division. 

  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Cherain


    Death card of Obergefreiter Josef Schmalzl. Killed in action during the Ardennes battles at Cherain. Schmalzl was 35 years old and was buried 10.2.1945 in Charem, Belgium. Later to be reburied in Recogne.

  • Ardennes Death Card KIA St. Vith/ Rohrbusch FJR9


    Impressive death card to Georg Schmerold, Obergefreiter and Gruppenführer in a Fallschirmjäger-Panzerjäger unit. Killed in action 17th of January 1945 as a member of the 14. Kompanie of Fallschirmjäger Regiment 9.

    Schmerold‘s death is mentioned in Opfergang Deutsche FallschirmjägerRudi Frühbeisser page 290; Nördlich von Iveldingen im Bereich der 13. Kp. kommt es zu einem schweren Rückzugsgefecht. Der Kp.-Chef Obltn. Schenk kann den ständig anstürmenden Amerikaner nicht lange aufhalten. Der alter Ogfr. Scharanowski fällt dabei. 17 Mann unter ihnen der Fähnrich Max Ursprung werden vermißt. Bei der 14. Kompanie, die an die 13. Kompanie anschließt, fällt der Jäger Bach während des Angriffs durch Herzschuß und Obergefreiter Schmerold durch Kopfschuß. Aus den Rückzugsbewegungen ist zu ersehen, daß der Amerikaner unbedingt in Schoppen eindringen will. 800 Meter westlich von Schoppen an der Straße nach Faymontville liegt genau gegenüber der Höhe 548 links eine kleine Waldparzelle. Dort wird der angreifende Amerikaner aber von der “Kampfgruppe Schenk” abgewehrt.


    Schmerold was killed by a bullet to the head at 26 years of age.

  • Original waffen-ss photograph with crashed Il 2 Sturmovyk


    Nice original Waffen-SS picture of men standing around a crashed Russian Il 2 Sturmovyk. The photograph is sized 7x10cm.

  • Original waffen-ss photograph SS TK officers standing next to train


    A very nice set of two 7x10cm pictures of Waffen-SS Totenkopf officers drinking coffee and alcohol next to a parked train. Nice clear images with many details!

  • Set of 6 Waffen-SS photographs Poland


    Nice original pictures showing Waffen-SS soldiers marching and posing in and in front of wooden barracks and buildings. The back reads about a award ceremony 19.11.1941.

  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Wallendorf 15.2.45


    Death card of the Robert Denz. Killed in action during the Ardennes battles at Wallendorf. Denz was 22 years old and was buried 15.2.1945 in Sandweiler, Luxembourg.

  • Death card Normandy MG-Schütze Saint-Lo 2.7.44


    Death card of the Gefreiter Alfons Thalhammer. Killed in action during the Normandy battles 20 years old on 2nd of July 1944 in Saint-Lo. Koller is buried in Orglandes, France.

  • Large Panzer Hauptfeldwebel portrait, EK2, EK1, Panzerkampf


    A large framed photograph of a Hauptfeldwebel in a Panzer regiment decorated with the Panzerkampfabzeichen, EK2 ribbon and Eisernez Kreuz 1. Klasse. Very decorative period framed piece!

  • Photo of Polish 1939 field grave with battle damaged helmet


    Photograph showing members of the RAD standing around a field grave of a Polish soldier with a helmet with bullet hole. Nice large 11,5 x 8,5 cm size.

  • Photo set with artillery and halftracks


    A nice set of original pictures sized 6,5 x 9,5 cm. Nice details such as big howitzers and the 18 ton Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO.

  • Ardennes/Nordwind Death Card KIA France Jan. ’45


    Death card of the Obergefreiter Maximilian koller. Killed in action during operation Nordwind at 21 years old on 7th of January 1945 in Althorn b. Saargemünd. Koller is buried in Andilly, France.

  • Waffen-SS Death Card KIA Belgium Sept ’44 buried in Lommel


    Death card of the SS-Panzergrenadier Jüngling Ferdinand Roitner. Killed in action at 18 years old on 7th of September 1944 in Belgium. Roitner is buried in Lommel, Belgium.

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