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  • Normandy death card Fallschirmjäger 11.6.1944 KIA Berigny


    Original death card to Fallschirmjäger Obergefreiter Heinz Jäger who was killed in action 11.6.1944 at Berigny, 5 km east of Saint Lo.

  • France death card KIA 9.6.1944


    Original death card to Obergefreiter Ludwig Freu who died in France on 9.6.1944. He is buried in Pornichet.

  • Ardennes Death card KIA Brisy Wardin 4.1.1945


    Death card of Obergefreiter Johann Nachreiner who was killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge in Brisy/Wardin 4.1.1945 which is a small village just outside of Bastogne. Nachreiner was burried in Recogne, Belgium. He was awarded the EK2 with other awards and partook in the French and Russian campaigns and served 5 years in the Wehrmacht

  • Death card KIA Irrhausen-Eifel 25.1.1945


    Death card of Pionier UnteroffizierJoseph Lengl who was killed in action during the defensive battles at Irrhausen-EifelLengl was 29 years old and was killed in action in Irrhausen-Eifel, Germany on 25.1.1945 later to be reburied in Daleiden, Germany. He was awarded multiple awards and his Erkennungsmarke read Stb.Pi.Btl. 74.


  • Ardennes Death card KIA Hürtgen 23.11.1944


    Death card of Gefreiter Karl Hamberger who was killed in action in the HürtgenwaldHamberger was 33 years old and was killed in action in HürtgenwaldGermany on 23.11.1944 later to be reburied in Hürtgen, Germany. His Erkennungsmarke read 185915 indicating E.KP.NCHR.RGT.1.


  • Large Death card Fallschirmjäger 4.1.1945


    Death card of Fallschirmjäger Manfred Rauffus who was heavily wounded in action 4.1.1945 and died 31.1.1945Rauffus was 17 years old and is buried in Wittlich, Germany.

  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Eifel 27.12.1944 


    Death card of  Stabsgefreiter Valentin Schmidt was born in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany and part of a Panzerjäger RegimentWas killed in action during the Ardennes offensive on 27.12.1944Was later burried in Wittlich, Germany.  

  • Hürtgenwalt Death Card KIA Steinstrass 8.12.1944


    Death card of Obergefreiter Johann Singer. Was killed in action during the Battle of the HürtgenwaltSinger was 35 years and killed in action in Steinstrass near lich, Germany on 8.12.1944. Was later burried in Vossennack, Germany.   

  • Ardennes Death card KIA Prüm-Eifel 23.12.1944


    Death card of Gefreiter Ludwig Langgartner. Was killed in action during the Ardennes offensiveLanggartner was 21 years old and was killed in action in Prüm-Eifel, Germany.  


  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Bastogne 26.11.1944


    Death card of Gefreiter Josef Viehböck. Was killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge.            Viehböck was 18 years old an was killed in action in Grandrue near Bastogne, Belgium on 26.11.1944. Was later burried in Recogne, Belgium.  


  • Soldbuch of Unteroffizier Anton Eckert, Infanterie-Regiment 305. 98 Infanterie-Division


    Very interesting Soldbuch of Unteroffizier Anton Eckert who fought with I.R. 305 under the 98 Inf. Div. early in the war. Eckert saw loads of action on the eastern front where the division fought on the Mius and near Rostov. He’s awarded the Eisernes Kreiz 2 Klasse on 28.11.1941 and the Ostmedaille in august 1942. After the division retreats from the Kuban bridgehead in 1943 heavy fightings around the Krim and Sevastopol develop which last until April 1944. In the fightings at the Kuban bridgehead Uffz. Eckert was awarded the Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber. The division was moved to Romania, Croatia and Italy where Eckert was put in the newly formed Grenadier-Lehr-Brigade. During the transfer he is issued interesting equipment under which a Maschinenpistole, Taschenlampe and a bicycle. Most probably he is put to work as a Melder. The Grenadier-Lehr-Brigade is added to the 98. Infanterie Division which at that point is heavily engaged in the fighting around Rimini. Late 1944 the division retreats to the Apennin line and fights back to the Senio river where heavy battles evolve until April 1945. After these fightings his unit retreats over the Po river in the direction of the alps where the division will eventually capitulate.

  • Normandy death card 10.7.44 in Caen possible 12th SS PzDiv


    Death card of Anton Pommer, Soldat in a Artillerie Regiment. Anton was killed 10.7.1944 south west of Caen in the vicinity of Carpiquet and Hill 112. Anton Pommer was most probably a member of the 12. SS Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend.

  • Death Card KIA Denmark 26.3.1945


    Original death card of Gefreiter Otto Scheuble. Killed in action in Denmark. Scheuble was 40 years old and was killed in action on 26.3.1945 in Denmark.

  • Death Card KIA Hürtgenwald 25.11.1944


    Death card of Unteroffizier Walter Büchel. Killed in action during the Battle of the HürtgenwaldBüchel was 34 years old and was killed in action on 25.11.1944 in the Hürtgenwald, Germany. Later to be reburied in Lommel, Belgium.

  • Soldbuch of Obergefreiter Frans Weizenegger, 7. Kompanie of the Grenadier-Regiment 158, Infanterie-Division


    Very interesting Soldbuch (Ersatzausfertigung) from Obergefreiter Frans Weizenegger who served in the 7. Kompanie of the Grenadier-Regiment 158, this unit was part of the 82. Infanterie-Division and experienced very tough fighting on the eastern front. The most interesting thing about this Soldbuch are the enclosed Sturm and Nahkampftage lists which have been completed extensively.

    The first Sturmtage started in June 1942 were Weizenegger was appointed as MG-Schütze, his unit then engaged heavy fighting in the region of Belgorod on the eastern front. In 1942 he was injured for which he is awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. In January and March of 1943 again follow Nahkampftage as Obergefreiter Weizenegger then has been appointed as Zugmelder. This is one of the battle days that took place in the north of Woronesch. After these fights he was awarded the Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber and the Eisernes Kreuz 2. Class. Then again at the end of August and September 1943 the took part in some heavy fighting in the Kiev region. Here he assigned nine Sturm and Nahkampftage. These are Sturm and Nahkampftage were provided  with a date and precise location, which makes this group very suitable for further research. In January 1944 Weizenegger was again admitted to a hospital with a gunshot wound where he stayed until April 1944. After his hospital admission Weizenegger was transferred to the 1059 Grenadier-Regiment.

    This unit was part of the 362 Infanterie-Division and already fought since February 1944 at the Nettuno bridgehead at Cisterna. Northern of Pistoia is then occupied that Apennin position. In September, the division prevent an enemy breakthrough at Firenzulo. After heavy fighting with partisans at Monte La Fine the division fought  on the southern part of the Futa pass from October 1944 in Bologna. The last withdrawal fights were at the Po river at Ro. On May 2. 1945, the 362 Infanterie-Division capitulates. This Soldbuch is with the many Sturm / Nahkampftage and combat history which would nicely fit in any specialized document collection.



  • Death Card Unteroffizier KIA Hürtgenwald 11.10.1944


    Death card of Unteroffizier Willy Leonhard Hüweler. Killed in action during the Battle of the HürtgenwaldHüweler was 24 years old and was killed in action on 11.10.1944 in The Hürtgenwald, Germany.

  • Death Card KIA of 3 brothers Raum Bras


    Death card of 3 brothers, Obergefreiter Johann Progl, Gefreiter Xaver Progl and Gefreiter Josef Progl. All the 3 brothers were killed in action in Raum Bras in 1944 and 1945. These 3 brothers were later to be reburied in Recogne, Belgium.

  • Waffen-SS Oberjunker Death Card KIA 15.11.1943


    Waffen-SS death card of SS Oberjunker Rudi Ronsberger. Killed in action, Ronsberger was 28 years old and was killed in action on 15.11.1943 in Bairak northwest of Kriwoi Rog, Ukraine.

  • Death Card KIA of 2 brothers Kharkov and Hürtgenwald


    Death card of 2 brothers, Soldat Albert Hütter and Gefreiter Franz Hütter. Albert Hütter was 19 years old and killed in action on 6.9.1943 on the eastern front near Kharkov, Ukraine. Franz Hütter was 19 years old and killed in action on 28.9.1944 in the Battle of the Hürtgenwald near Brandenberg, Germany.

  • Soldbuch of Wachtmeister Wilhelm Hentrich, Schwere Artillerie-Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 309


    Heavily used Soldbuch by Wachtmeister Wilhelm Hentrich, born on 23.5.1918 in Heldra / Dtsl. Hentrich has served in the Heer throughout the war with the exception of a few hospital admissions. This Soldbuch was issued at the beginning of the war. This Soldbuch  has been carried by him for the entire duration of the war. Very interesting detail is pages 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the original Soldbuch were so worn out that for these pages there is an “Ersatzausfertigung” created on 20.4.1945.

    Normally a completely new Soldbuch was issued (Zweit or Ersatzausfertigung) but this one was given on a very late date during the war, only the first four pages were replaced. These pages are fairly concise, especially when it comes to which units he served during the war. There, however many notes / Eintragungen in the soldbuch which are stamped with “Schwere Artillerie-Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 309 ”, and the Zahlmeisterei notes on page 18 (and also EKM data on page 1) we can see that he served in it during the outbreak of the war Artillerie-Regiment 45 and that somewhere in early 1940, probably before May 1940 he was transferred to the Artillerie-Regiment 152. This is a perfect match as many notes in the Soldbuch are stamped “Schwere Artillerie-Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 309”, which provided troops for both Artillery Regiments when they were stationed at the Westwall in the early days of the war and took part in the campaign through France in May 1940.

    In 1941 A.R. 152 participated in Operation Barbarossa and  the invasion of Russia. Already in the first month Hentrich was wounded by shrapnel and was hospitalized until October of that year. For his injury he was rewarded with the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. In August and September of 1942, he was admitted to hospital again but due to damage, the reason is unclear for some reason. His unit fought in 1942 and 1943 on the eastern front in the Orel and Newel areas. The exact date when Hentrich will be transferred to the Artillerie-Regiment 198 is unclear, but I suspect late 1944.

    As a soldier now on the front line, he is submitted to the IV Batterie of the Artillerie-Regiment 198, which is part of the 98 Infanterie-Division. This division was fighting in Italy in the Rimini area and was heavily involved in the fighting in August and September 1944. At the end of 1944 the division then withdraws to the Apennin position and fight back to the Senio River. During this fighting, Hentrich is awarded the KVK II Class on 30.1.1945. In April of 1945 Hentrich was promoted to Wachtmeister, his unit then retreats across the Po river in the direction of the pre-Alps, where the division eventually capitulates.

  • Normandy Death Card KIA Caen 11.8.1944


    Death card of Oberleutnant Josef Nachreiner. Killed in action during the Battle of Normandy at CaenNachreiner was 33 years old and was killed in action on 11.8.1944 in Cean, Normand and is buried at La Cambe.

  • Normandy Death Card KIA La Ferriére-Bochard 6.8.1944


    Death card of Unteroffizier Georg Mix. Killed in action during the Battle of NormandyMix was 28 years old and was killed in action on 6.8.1944 in La Ferriére-Bochard near Alencon, Normandy. Later to be reburied in Champigny-St.André, Normandy France.

  • Award document black wound badge 731 Grenadier Regiment 22.08.1944


    Verwundeten Abzeichen im Schwarz document to Obergefreiter Josef Dallmeier, 8. Kompanie Grenadier Regiment 731 . His unit was part of the 711 Infanterie Division which was located on the Atlantikwall east of Caen in Normandy. During D-day Elements of the division where engaged with allied paratroopers. The division held its positions throughout June, July and mid August. Josef Dallmeier was wounded on 22 August 1944 when the division was engaged with the 6th Airborne Division in the region of Annebault/ Cabourg in Normandy.

  • Photograph lot with 45 photos of Railway guns and their crew


    A great set of +/- 45 photographs with 10 photographs of railroad guns in use of the Wehrmacht. Several large calibre sized railroad guns are pictures; one is named Wir Fahren Gegen Engeland. The pictures also show a large artillery ammunition stash. Most probably these pictures are taken somewhere in France behind the Atlantikwal. The pictures are all in the standard photo size of 9x6CM.

  • Wehrpass Johann Dorrenbach, Aufklärungsabteilung 116 – Der Windhund


    Wehrpass to Schütze Johann Dorrenbach member of Aufklärungsabteilung 116 part of the 116. Panzerdivision Der Windhund. Dorrenbach was awarded the Verwundeten Abzeichen im Schwarz in 1943 with 4. Kompanie Panzer Aufklärungsabteilung 116. He was awarded the Nahkampfspange 1. Stüfe and Algemeines Stürmabzeichen on 12.1.1944 post mortem. He was killed in action 22.9.1943 at Brückenkopf Saporoshe, Lukaschewo, Ukraine and his remains where never found. Wehrpass to a highly decorated Frontkämpfer of the famous 116. Panzerdivision ‘Der Windhund’!

  • Berchtesgaden Death Card KIA 8.5.45 SS-Rottenführer


    Original death card to SS-Rottenführer Markus Müller born 7.12.1919 and killed in action 8.5.1945 in Berchtesgaden. Killed in action on the day the Americans seized Berchtesgaden.

  • Wehrpass ObGf. Normandy, Lothringen, Oberrhein 243 ID


    Nice Wehrpass to Josef Mouhler, Pionier in Pionier Btl 243, 243 Infanterie Division. The Wehrpass indicates Josef took part in the following battles;

    6.6.44 Invasionsfront
    .44 France
    .44 Lothringen
    .45 Oberrhein

    All in all a very nice Wehrpass with a impressive list of attended battles and a great base for further resource.


  • Issue map of Arlon area, Luxemburg / Ardennes


    Large period map of Arlon area with large parts of Luxemburg and the Ardennes. A very nice and colourful map from 1943!

  • Period interlinking maps of Leningrad and Novgorod area


    Two original maps showing the area between Leningrad and Novgorod. The place where some of the fiercest battles on the eastern front where fought. The maps are drawn onto and show the HKL or HauptkampfLinie. Very hard to find original maps of Leningrad with drawn in positions and most interestingly; the maps are interlinked. They can be placed on top of each other with a interlinking line of positions.

  • Original waffen-ss photograph SS TK officers standing next to train


    A very nice set of two 7x10cm pictures of Waffen-SS Totenkopf officers drinking coffee and alcohol next to a parked train. Nice clear images with many details!

  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Wallendorf 15.2.45


    Death card of the Robert Denz. Killed in action during the Ardennes battles at Wallendorf. Denz was 22 years old and was buried 15.2.1945 in Sandweiler, Luxembourg.

  • Large Panzer Hauptfeldwebel portrait, EK2, EK1, Panzerkampf


    A large framed photograph of a Hauptfeldwebel in a Panzer regiment decorated with the Panzerkampfabzeichen, EK2 ribbon and Eisernez Kreuz 1. Klasse. Very decorative period framed piece!

  • Ardennes/Nordwind Death Card KIA France Jan. ’45


    Death card of the Obergefreiter Maximilian koller. Killed in action during operation Nordwind at 21 years old on 7th of January 1945 in Althorn b. Saargemünd. Koller is buried in Andilly, France.

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